Coors Light: Coaster Mode

The brief: Get people to put down their phones and drink Coors Light instead.
The solution: Your phone is not a phone but a coaster for Coors Light beer. 

Coors Light Coaster Mode_5.gif

Put down your phone and whack a beer on top of it.

Screenshot 2021-06-30 at 12.43.21.png

The coaster mode app is activated by recognising the Coors Light logo.

Coors Light Coaster Mode_3.gif

Coaster Mode is customisable with your favourite chill-out playlists & podcasts.

Screenshot 2021-06-30 at 13.00.17.png

Notifications are silenced and automatic replies let your friends know when you’re coasting.


In Social Coaster Mode, picking up your phone means picking up the tab. Strobe Coaster Mode lets you turn any meetup into a party.


Filters for TikTok and Instagram allow you to shoot content from the Coaster Mode perspective.

Screenshot 2021-06-30 at 13.59.17.png

The best submissions will bag a spot in the Coaster Mode Hall of Fame, and receive a free six-pack of Coors Light.

Coors Light Coaster Mode_6.gif

A limited-edition waterproof phone case, which also keeps your beer chilled for longer.